The Guilty Feminist Podcast @ Warwick Arts Centre, 8th June 2017

The Guilty Feminist Podcast
The Guilty Feminist Podcast: the smartest podcast in town
A major entertainment form for more than a decade now, podcasts are often talked about in the same tones as the latest acclaimed TV series from HBO, Netflix..
And while there are now surely podcasts about most imaginable topics, made by people from disparate fields, comedians were among the earliest adopters of the medium and remain among the most high-profile artists producing regular shows. In both the UK and US, with traditional broadcast opportunities at a premium, podcasting is a valuable outlet for writers/performers and audiences alike.

Deborah Frances-White, of The Spontaneity Shop and host of The Guilty Feminist podcast, noted how she’s been able to find an audience online for a show about feminism by doing it herself, when nobody else would’ve taken a chance on it. And this evening, a recording of two episodes of the podcast, highlighted why it’s not only garnered so many downloads but has also struck a real chord with its listeners.
With co-host Felicity Ward, the two delivered sparkling comedy from their interplay as much as from prepared material, though some of the scripted moments – including regular features such as ‘I’m A Feminist But…’ – provided the biggest laughs.
The duo, joined by author Angela Clarke as well as screenwriter and comedian Nat Luurtsema, wrung plentiful gags from audience interaction too, especially with General Election exit poll results being announced midway through the show. Packed with incisive (and universal) jokes, it was the stand-up sections which really shone, even surrounded by so much other good material. Both Frances-White and Ward are brilliant storytellers, so their skill with a monologue was really apparent, both regaling hilarious and powerful tales on the episode themes (in this case, ‘Fabulous’ and ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’), with Frances-White’s tale of buying a fancy new outfit being a particular highlight.
With so much competition for listening time from other comedy podcasts, let alone other genres, it’s the hosts’ warmth, wittiness and wonderful turns of phrase which power The Guilty Feminist, but it’s their unique perspectives and rich storytelling which makes it stand apart from other podcasts.
You can listen, download and subscribe to The Guilty Feminist at, and via iTunes or your podcast app of choice.

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