Review: Lucy Porter @ Warwick Arts Centre, 1st March 2020

Lucy Porter
Lucy Porter: Very prepared

Be prepared. That’s the motto of the scouting movement, and also the title of the latest outing from stand-up Lucy Porter. With her children now taking their first steps along the path forged by Baden-Powell, Porter told us, she used this as a jumping-off point to reminisce about her own experiences in the Brownies and Guides, as well as what effect they had on the person she is today. Continue reading “Review: Lucy Porter @ Warwick Arts Centre, 1st March 2020”


Review: Lucy Porter @ Warwick Arts Centre, 10th February 2019

Lucy Porter
Lucy Porter: stand-up comedy with an eye on the past… and the future

As a well-established stand-up and familiar voice on Radio 4, Lucy Porter has a very clear idea of her target audience. By her own admission, Porter has leaned into those expectations to mine subjects for her shows – described, as recounted here, by one reviewer as “middle-aged, middle class and middle of the road,” Porter is taking that rather unhelpful assessment as a compliment, and so she should.

Pass It On, her current show, took her experience of menopause as its starting point and central thread, culminating in some deftly woven routines about the change in outlook and realisations which it has led to. Porter’s on-stage demeanour, as a warm and naturally funny performer, ensured that this kind of material was relatable to the audience, making herself the butt of many of these jokes and gleefully sharing embarrassing stories such as her trip to M&S to buy new pairs of jeans. Continue reading “Review: Lucy Porter @ Warwick Arts Centre, 10th February 2019”